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Grazie mille per aver organizzato un incontro con me.
Riceverai anche un promemoria più vicino al tempo in modo da non dimenticare.



Se hai un paio di minuti liberi, sfoglia il sito web
e iscriviti alla nostra mailing list.
Prometto che non inviamo molte email di marketing; solo cose veramente utili una volta ogni tanto.


Session Guidelines

Before we begin our session, please make sure you have done the following:      

▲ For the best impact I strongly recommend we conduct the session on a Laptop or Desktop computer.

▲ Make sure that your mobile phone is switched off.

▲ Switch off all apps on your Laptop/computer/mobile device which have notifications.

▲ Do you think you may need to go to the restroom?

▲ Inform everybody in the house that you cannot be interrupted for the next 3hrs. Tell them you are taking some 'ME' time. 

▲ No pets in the room and somebody to monitor them while you are in your session.

▲ Strong Wi-FI/Internet connection.

▲ If you are using a laptop or mobile device for the session, please make sure it is fully charged and/or plugged in to a power source.

▲ Good lighting in the room as I need to be able to see you clearly.

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