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In Azora Wellbeing, la nostra missione è creare una cultura del benessere che
ti aiuta a vivere la tua vita migliore a casa, al lavoro e nella comunità.

Ci prendiamo cura della tua mente, corpo e spirito.

Umar August 2022.jpg
Umar Sheikh

Rapid Transformation Therapy - (RTTP)

Hypnotherapist - C.HyP

Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

Founder – Azora Wellbeing

I'm pleased to share with you an exclusive event. It's by invitation only.
I will be sharing with you a modality which provides sustainable changes for any type of training.

The solution has been there, right under our noses, yet we continue to spend endlessly on training and coaching sessions where the measured impact is limited and seldom sustainable.

Suitable for: Business owners, Board Members, Exec/NOn-Exec directors or Senior members of H.R
When: Sunday Feb 12 2023 : 09:00 EST - 14:00 BST - 18:00 UAE
Duration: 75 mins
What to expect? Change your thinking and be transformed.

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